Pallet Design

Roy’s Wood shop works tirelessly with its customers to offer them exactly what they want in a pallet or crate design. We don’t limit our self to be a one-dimensional company. We will design and construct any wood product for your shipping or packaging needs. We offer different crates; wood packaging kits and we will be there to help you come up with a specific design that is essential to your business.

With the use of state of the art technology the industry has to offer to come up with load rating, product securement and safety in mind we build exactly what YOU want and what YOU need to make your business a success in product handling and shipping.

Whether our customer’s challenge is improving safety, decreasing damaged product, enhancing the quality or finding ways to reduce pallet expense.  You can count on Roy’s Woodshop to design your every need. We custom manufacture any size pallet you can imagine using various wood species.