Pallet Recycling

Pallet Recycling

We at Roy’s Woodshop are proud of our environmental stewardship and the commitment to our communities we work in and around. With our strong values and commitments, we have developed a relationship with our clients and neighbours that we try to minimize all wood waste through our different variations and techniques of recycling. We focus on the best methods in the industry to repair, recycle, renew and re-use wooden pallets and the various other forms of wood waste. This process is not an easy task as it is labour intensive as there is many different shapes and sizes of pallets. We have developed many different methods through out the years of recycling that gives us an advantage within the industry, we recover almost 100% of the wood products we deliver into our facility.

Our intentions when we receive pallets from southern Alberta for recycling is to refurbish them for re-use in the marketplace. This becomes the best and most environmentally friendly method we have. If this is not possible we attempt to recycle the pallets by re-using some of their components to build other products.

Roy’s Woodshop works extensively with landfills in the southern Alberta region to ensure that all pallets, wood or plastic as well as other wood waste is collected and not filling up our landfills. We take great pride in knowing that we are doing our best to help the people and the environment that live in this great plant we call home.

Dedicated to helping our communities through recycling wooden pallets in southern Alberta for over 30 years, Roy’s Woodshop has a long history of environmental responsibility and we are committed to helping out our customers be as environmentally responsible as possible.